Hello, my name is Thati Segoatle. I started The Disruptors - www.thedisruptors.co.za, in 2015.

How women deal with their money is a subject near and dear to my heart. I wanted a space where I can help women be create clarity around their goals and a feeling of connection to their money.

When I worked as a business producer, I realised that the language used by financial experts was not woman friendly.  And although we are educated and successful, earning more now than ever before, as women, we often lack confidence in our ability to grow our wealth because of fear to invest our money.

The blog is all about financial help made easy and fun for women.

And so,  I designed this site to give women a step-by-step how to on your money, you know, like the girls do at the hair salon or at the dinner table. No jargon, just the vital stuff they need to know, in a user-friendly language.

I mainly focus on budgeting, debt, credit, savings, spending, investing and money mindset,  and female entrepreneurship with the focus on money management re their businesses.

My blog readers are well educated women who struggle with their finances but are prepared to learn.
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These women also care about their homes, well-being and looks. And they are tech-savvy and are eager to try out beneficial financial services.

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