Time Running Out For Non-Provincial Tax Payers

Time is running out to file your 2015 tax return if you are a non-provisional taxpayers. The date set is for 27 November 2015. If you haven’t yet submitted your Income Tax Return (ITR12), you can do so via eFiling or electronically at a SARS branch where a friendly agent will assist you.
If you need help while eFiling, you can access Help-You-eFile, a free service available to all eFilers. Simply click on the Help-You-eFile icon on your eFiling login page or at any point during your eFiling session to be connected to a friendly SARS agent who will assist you to complete your Income Tax return.
If you submit your Income Tax Return (ITR12) after the deadline you are liable for an administrative penalty for non-compliance. The penalty amount imposed depends on a taxpayer’s taxable income and ranges from R250 up to R16 000 per month for each month that your return is outstanding. And if you don’t pay the penalty the law allows SARS to deduct the penalty from your salary or bank account.

It is important that when submitting a ITR you makes a full and complete disclosure, failing which, SARS can still pursue criminal prosecution.

Here Are The Dates for the Rest of the 2015 Tax Season
  • The deadline for taxpayers who submit their tax returns manually by post or by dropping them off in a SARS drop box is 30 September 2015.
  • The deadline for all non-provisional taxpayers is 27 November 2015. Non-provisional taxpayers are the majority of employed individuals who submit a tax return and who earn an income from one or more employer.
  • The deadline for Provisional taxpayers who submit returns via eFiling is 29 January 2016. Provisional taxpayers using eFiling can make payments until
  • 31 January 2016. Provisional taxpayers form a much smaller segment of the tax base and are those individuals with other forms of income like investment income, income from business activities, rental income, royalties income or directors of companies.