Support Women Owned Business

The rate at which South African women are starting businesses is on the rise. According to SA Good News, female entrepreneurship in the country has increased by 11%. And the 2014 SME survey showed that 78% of women-owned small businesses are profitable, compared to 70% for men.

Women of all ages and backgrounds are spotting gaps in the market and taking a passion, hobby or skill and turning it into a way of making a living. Here at Women And Money  we want to see this positive trend continue. But there is much more to be done to make sure that women owned business have a fair chance to achieve succeed in this life.

So this holiday season,  since many of you are prepared to spend your money on family and family, why not support a female owned business? Here are the reason why: 

1. Women are givers

In emerging markets, women reinvest every additional cent of income in “human resources” — their families’ education, health and nutrition. Women’s increased income and assets as a gender dividend are driving family, community and the country's  well-being. So when you support a woman owned business, you are basically spending your money on building our communities. 

2. Host events at woman-owned businesses.

Do you have a birthday, meeting or special event coming up? Keep a local women business in mind. Not only does this spread awareness, it brings new customers through the door. So many women are in the business, why not give them a shout. You may find a treasure – female owned businesses are known for offering unique services. 

3. Spread the word 

Advertising is key to building any business. Many small businesses can’t afford the advertising costs that most big stores shell out. In many instances, a small business must rely on foot traffic and word-of-mouth to spread its name. So why not become the unofficial ambassador for a female owned brand? Don’t just fall in love with the brand personally, help others fall in love with it as well. Make sure other people know about them. Share information with family and friends.  Spare a few seconds to use your social media for social good by posting your support of a woman-owned business. Together, we can light up social media feeds with stories of women entrepreneurs around the world and help in building the woman's legacy. 

4.  Don’t be put off by a bad experience.

Good customer service and bad customer service have nothing to do with the size of the owner in a business. Some of us still think that female's don't know how to run a business and therefore customer service may be bad. The truth of the matter is customer service may be “bad” in any business and you shouldn’t allow one or two bad moments change or alter how you feel about supporting women owned business. You are not put off by all the big business who don't give a hoot about you, so why not exercise patience with the small guys? 

So let’s get serious about supporting other women owned businesses. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to start implementing positive steps toward helping make women-owned businesses more valuable. 

And no we don't just support them during the holidays only, we support them throughout the year. And we keep growing our list as we go along. 

When it’s all said and done, women are still the most powerful and influential consumers in the world. Let’s take back that influence and reclaim the power by supporting one another.