Empower yourself with financial education

Invest in yourself, in your education. There’s nothing better – Sylvia Porter
Money! We deal with it every day and we are affected by our need for it through out our lives. Sadly this is an area that we are not well taught in as women. Most of us learned about money from our parents. And the truth is many of them struggled to make ends meet, let alone manage the money.

That is why we have to do things differently and learn new habits that will help us to the create wealth  to make the choices of how we want to live our lives.  Knowing how to make money, manage it and invest it will determine our place in society, our lifestyle and our freedom.

Many of us cannot afford the time or money that is required to go back to college or university to educate ourselves, so that we can advance our careers or switch professions totally for a better pay.
That is the reason why we have to take the initiative to educate ourselves so that we can achieve financial freedom.

Financial education is one of the great bargains in life because it has huge rewards. It’s the best investment you can make for your life and for your family.

You may be wondering why you should be concerned about furthering your financial education?  Let me point out that out that there is no one else who is more concerned about your money than you are. After all, you work hard for it. So it's only fair to understand it better and not go with the flow.

And the sooner you get it, the more it’ll be worth to you.  The longer you wait, the more it’ll cost you.

Another thing is that we have so much information on financial planning and wealth creation. Every "expert" believes that their "way" of investing is the right way. The frustrating part is their conflicting message on advice and the subtle shades of gray hiding behind all the investment half-truths,

To be able to sift through all of that, you need to know about the various options available to you, the market you want to invest in and the risks associated with that investment. By doing so you will be equipping yourself  with information that will help you to be confident and to be able to question your fund managers regarding the decisions they make with your money

Many of us as women lead a mediocre life simply because we are financially illiterate. It's NOT enough to know how to make money and save money it, we have to learn how to grow it further and create wealth.  We need to train our minds to be able to deal with finances and stop believing that money management is only for men or accountants. It's our money and therefore we have to take care of it.

How to acquire financial knowledge
  • Read good books on personal finance, Investments and accounting .
  • Regularly read financial newspapers and magazines .
  • Follow good financial websites and blogs like www.thedisruptors.co.za
  • Go to seminars or programmes on finance, accounting, investments and  entrepreneurship. Seeing people like you should should motivate you.
Seriously, it doesn't matter what age you are. And it is never too late to take the initiative of educating yourself so that you can achieve the financial freedom that you seek. You can and you will if you learn.

Getting your finances stable and becoming financially successful requires the development of good financial habits. And continuously growing your knowledge is the key.

Once we attain financial freedom we will not be influenced by money anymore. Our decisions will no longer be controlled by Money.

This is life and it happens. The best way to live through out the changing seasons is to prepare, educate yourself, and think long-term. The more you educate yourself, the better your finances will be. And the more you will fill secure in your life.

Remember, knowledge is only potential power. When we take  action on that knowledge that is the only time we will have real power.

So if you are serious about creating wealth, take steps and invest on your financial education today.