Financial Independence is Achievable

As we begin this New Year we should be focused on hitting new goals and having new experiences so this year isn’t a replay of previous years.

Make this year the year that you decide to shed those limitations and grow more than you ever thought possible.

It’s not necessarily what you decide to do, it’s about developing a new habit that gets you mentally ready to do something different.

This is the year you need to think more about wealth not just about income.

We must start building wealth for ourselves, our children, and our communities, one day at a time. And no it's NOT hard. Not if you're willing to apply a plan.

Fear not; financial independence is achievable!

Commit yourself to starting right where you are with what you have. Start with the right attitude and the right information. The knowledge is out there—find it and use it!

Creating wealth is a healthy balance of saving, spending wisely, investing and giving back. And it will not take long before you have much more.

You also need diligence, discipline and patience. Don't be lazy. Don’t be your own enemy. Don't hold yourself back.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of information, then get yourself a financial adviser or speak to the one you already have and build from there.

Also, manage your emotions and work on those unreasonable financial expectations.

It’s also helpful to have a goal in mind when you’re proactively building personal wealth. Very much like a business plan, your goal can be dynamic, because life happens. It may not go exactly as planned, but having that carrot in front of you is better than nothing at all.

Managing your finances is a foundation to having your financial freedom, and if you can get that right, you can go on to concentrate on other things.

Remember, it’s not how much money you make that counts but what you do with it.

I believe that every woman needs to have money of her own. Not money just for spending on things that she likes, but money to support causes that align with her values and interests globally and locally. Now that is power!

YOU are important, Your FINANCIAL FREEDOM is important, your DREAMS are important. Only when you place value on what is important will you ever learn the true meaning of FREEDOM.