Expand your view of health and money

Being physically healthy has a correlation with being financially healthy.  A study, found that people in poor physical shape are almost twice as likely to be financially unfit than people in good shape.

Now, achieving a financial and physically healthy lifestyle might not be easy, but educating and practicing healthy behaviors might help lift the weight off your shoulders and your wallet. Let’s get started!

Be flexible, yet disciplined.
People are too strict. We create a budget to limit spending and save. We commit to a diet to shed pounds and be healthy. Simple, right? The problem is that we are not being flexible. To follow a plan, we have to change what we do and how we do it. With the curve balls we encounter in life, unexpected challenges may leave us paying more in groceries because of inflation or missing a meal because of a meeting. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. Allow room to breathe. Diets and budgets are meant to be implemented slowly but surely, not abruptly. You want the new habits to stick, so be realistic with your goals.

Expand your view of health and money.
We focus on that bottom number or solely on the number on the scale. What about emergency expenses or a good night’s sleep? There are many factors that need to be considered to successfully stick to our plans.

People focus on their budgets for a given month but don’t think about unexpected expenses for the longer period. Budgets require a panoramic lens for a comprehensive picture. Average out fluctuating costs over a period of time and budget on the high side, along with setting aside money for an emergency. We can’t predict those emergencies but if we factor the unexpected into our spending plan, it can soften the blow.

Diets can be equally unbalanced.  Eat this, don’t eat that. Run like this, don’t run like that. Why did the holistic approach to health disappear?   If we are not seeing the results that we were anticipating, then we might need to broaden our efforts. A well-rounded healthy lifestyle includes exercise and healthy diet, but should not limit other essentials such as sleep, and, most importantly, fun! When I am at my most balanced, I incorporate exercise, healthy choices, and just enjoying life. Utilising this holistic integrated approach may help to generate some noticeable changes.

Embrace a support system and track your progress.

Tracking your spending plan and health progress takes time and discipline, and if we don’t commit, it can be challenging to succeed in either goals. But, the reality is that we won’t know if we are failing or succeeding unless we are keeping tabs.  This is where moral support can help. It’s quite difficult to accomplish either goal without a support system and/or a financial advisor. Friends, family, co-workers, and a coach or expert can all play a crucial part in our success. Moral support and advice is essential when times get tough and our willpower is running low. A jolt of community confidence can make a huge difference.

In an ideal world, we would all have perfectly healthy lives, both financially and physically.  The reality is that it doesn’t have to be continuously ideal, nor can we expect it to be…What matters is the continuous movement towards creating a better life for ourselves, both fitness-wise and financially. We might encounter obstacles along the way, but the forward movement and motivation for positive change is the ultimate achievement.

Source:  Wealth Legacy Institute