Mpho Majoe: Don't be afraid to dream big and believe that you can achieve your goals

Direct sales jobs provide many women with the opportunity to earn income by building their own business. In a direct sales business model, most participants are independent contractors who get to determine how many hours they want to work. This provides much needed flexibility versus what a regular full-time job offers. So Avon gave me the opportunity to speak to one of their top sales rep and single mother, Mpho Majoe from Soweto.  Read on to see how her journey began and how she made it work for her.

The Disruptors: How did you get started with Justine? Why did you begin selling their products? 
Mpho Majoe: I was first introduced to Avon back in 2007 when I was traveling with my cousin from home in Mahikeng. Our aunt gave us Treselle lotion and body spray. We both loved it and we enjoyed the attention we received on the bus along the way. I loved it so much that I went to a mall while I was in Cape Town to search for it. At the time, I didn't know that it was an Avon product. I managed to find it in 2010 when I was in Soweto. There were two ladies near a retail brand who were recruiting new sellers. I started browsing through their brochure and that is when I saw Treselle. I asked how to join, went home to get my ID, filled the forms and the rest is history. Within two days, I was approved with a credit limit of R1 250. I started with 1500 orders of Treselle as it was the only product I knew from Avon and could back with my story.

The Disruptors: How did you find your customers? 
Mpho Majoe: I found my first customers through word of mouth and getting referrals.

The DisruptorsWhat does it take to be a successful Avon independent seller? 
Mpho Majoe: It takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and love for the products you are selling and working smarter towards your goals.

The Disruptors: What’s the biggest mistake that you made as a new direct sales consultant for Avon? 
Mpho Majoe: The biggest mistake I made in my early days as a sales rep was not communicating to my clients that this was cash on delivery service. Some were expecting me to leave the products with them and then collect the money later in the month. That almost shortened my entrepreneurial journey but I persevered and became wiser to ask first if they can pay. It got way better than I expected until now.

The DisruptorsWhat did you do to create a consistent cash flow for your business?
Mpho Majoe: I invested the profits I made from the previous month back into the business to make sure I covered all my customers. I also kept up to date with the information provided in most brochures about certain products, tried the products myself so that I can answer the customers questions. This helped my sales to keep growing from strength to strength. I also found myself a spot where I could sell and recruit at the same time to make sure I achieved my set target sales.

The DisruptorsHow are you using technology (social media) to grow your business?  
Mpho Majoe: Nowadays, I use social media to advertise any specials or promotions that Avon has. My family, friends, and contacts also assist by sharing the information I send to them.

The DisruptorsWhat advice would you give to a new consultant on how to build a thriving direct sales business? 
Mpho Majoe: To build a thriving direct sales business you need a lot of patience, perseverance and a willingness to challenge yourself daily. You will get a lot of "Nos" when you are starting but do not be discouraged by them. Keep going and push yourself to achieve what you have set for yourself because it starts with you making that choice. And treat your customers with professional respect.

The DisruptorsWhat should aspiring consultants look for when they’re searching for new direct sales opportunities?
Mpho Majoe: As an aspiring representative in the direct selling business,  look at the chance of being your own boss. The best way to do this is to choose a product line that you are personally passionate about. If you can’t see yourself using the products, stay away.  But if you believe in the product, it will be easy for you to sell it and you will find customers that are willing to pay for it.

The DisruptorsWhat’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone starting as an Avon sales rep? 
Mpho Majoe: My biggest advice is to don't be afraid to dream big and believe that you can achieve your goals.

The DisruptorsWho would you consider to be a significant influence on you professionally and can you explain why? 
Mpho Majoe: I am a significant influence in my life because my story and journey is true. And people can relate to me as they see me daily, knocking on their doors to offer them this life-changing opportunity. Some pity me but I tell them not to because I get to make my own money and control my destiny.  They then move from pity to being inspired by my story.  Whether sunny, dusty or cloudy the sun always comes up to fulfill its purpose every day and so shall I.

The DisruptorsWould you encourage women to sell Avon's products especially in our current economy where jobs are harder to find? 
Mpho Majoe: Yes! I encourage them to sell Avon every day because it is loved by the young and old and it is very affordable. Not only will this give them some extra money but it will also give them a chance to be their bosses, to change their lives.  I love Avon because it changes lives: they fight breast cancer, supports abused women and children, and empower women to control their financial destiny.

Are you interested in direct sales? Wonder if you have the right personality for it?

You can get in touch with Mpho via email: or via her cellphone: 076 402 9459.

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