Avon Justine and Other Black Friday Deals 2019

A windfall of beauty and personal care products is in the offing for Avon Justine customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and customers will have an opportunity to get discounts of up to a whopping 80% for Avon products between Friday, 27 and Saturday, 30 November.

These mouth-watering deals which will enable Avon Justine customers to derive great value and augment their bouquet of personal care products at a fraction of the cost. This four-day bargain frenzy will also provide its beauty entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell bigger volumes and provide more for their families this festive season.Avon and Justine customers and beauty entrepreneurs will be happy to know that they can shop and take orders more seamlessly using a number digital platforms such as:

- My Avon Store, a customisable Avon online shop;

- Avon On app, which gives customers the ability to browse the latest deals and place their order directly with their sales representative;

- Direct Deliveries which enables customers to manage their own delivery and frees up sales representatives to focus on their business; and

- WhatsApp Bot, an interactive service and customer query platform.

Being an aspirational brand, Avon has sought to perfect its digital experience without losing the personal touch that the success of direct-selling is anchored on. It is this legacy that has seen Avon introducing leading products that have become industry benchmarks such as its iconic lipstick range and popular fragrances that continue to win the hearts and minds of millions of customers around the world. Similarly, Justine has built its legacy as a truly South African brand catering world-class products suitable for our hot climate.

Avon Justine urges its customers and beauty entrepreneurs to take advantage of these offers and use the available digital platforms to place and advertise these bargains.

Remember, sales are usually for a limited time and quantities are sometimes limited, too – Most Black Friday ads say things like "while supplies last" or "limited quantity." That means you may not be able to find everything you want. 

Here is the rest of the list of the retailers that will be participating:

Pick n Pay - Up to 58% off on a range of products (link here)
House & Home – Savings on furniture and home entertainment products (link here)
Checkers – Up to 50% off on a range of products (link here)
Cybercellar – Big savings on a variety of wine (link here)
Zando – Save on a range of fashion items in its Black Friday week (link here)
Dion Wired – Up to 50% off tech products and gadgets (link here)
CNA: Savings on a wide variety of goods (link here)
Game: “The biggest shopping day ever” (link here)
Dischem – Specials on Black Friday (link here)
Travelstart – Get Travel offers (link here)
iStore – 1-day sale, only in store (link here)
Spree -  8% on sale (link here)
Spec Savers - Big discounts and savings (link here)
ToyRUs - The store has a a lot of specials (link here)
Net Florist -  Get up to 50% OFF selected products. (link here)
Incredible Connection – Reduced prices on many tech products, and a “Lunch Time Blast” with 10% discount on all online products (link here)
HiFi Corp – 85% off gadgets and tech products (link here)
Not sure if Woolworths has black Friday but they currently have a 20% for non cardholders and 30% for cardholders deals.

It can be fun – Black Friday is a tradition and shoppers so enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
Remember this one day is NOT a reason to overspend but rather to get goods at a cheaper price.  I hope you won't be piling up on debt.