WIN R8000 Towards a Child's Education with Stokfella

JanuWorry, FebuWorry, March... 2020 is not gonna be for sissies, as we stare down the many challenges that lie ahead for SA business: meeting budgets, excising costs, keeping clients, keeping the lights on, keeping your job.... it's a going to be a tough year alright!

And the kids are back at school time and they already have demands... shuu parening neh! I know lot of parents who have some mixed emotions – on one hand they are secretly happy to get their kids back into a routine and out of their hair (and kitchen). But they know that school is another worry for them. 

Let's face it, education is very expensive in South Africa. According to experts, it costs a whopping R19,500 to R21,500 a year to attend an average government fee-paying school. Still trying to work that around my head. 
Let's not talk about private school... okay we need to for education's sake. Private schools charge anything between R50,000 and R500,000 per annum for one child... lawd! No wonder the likes of Curro and Advtech make so much money. And sadly, for many parents/guardians in this country, there are no quick ways to fund your child's education without making some serious sacrifices.

As a parent, you’re likely all too familiar with the monthly debit order or regular payment for your children’s school fees. Those debit orders are steep - from uniform to stationery fees to those unexplained little costs, the list from the schools is never-ending. 

That's why I'm happy to announce that if you need a bit of help this Januworry with your child's school fees, Stokfella got you. As part of its on-going commitment to the education of children in South Africa, Stokfella is giving away 8000 rand this month towards a child's education or you can nominate the funds for any child you choose!

Entry to the competition is simple and easy:

1.Register on and either join an existing stokvel, or create your own
2. Contribute R300 or more per month towards your new stokvel
3. Post a tweet, Instagram post or Facebook post telling us why you believe in the power of stokvels.

Make sure you tag StokFella on their social media accounts using the hashtags #ItsNeverTooLate and #StokFellaMoneyLit.

About StokFella
Stokvels are an important part of Mzansi lifestyle as they bring friends, families and people with the same Money Goals together. Inspired by a South African informal savings culture of stokvels, societies and umshayelwano. StokFella was born — an MTN award-winning mobile app that not only makes it easier for stokvels to manage their monthly payments and claims online via a mobile phone or our website. Our Club Account will also give you more interest when you manage your stokvel book through it.