Satrix Retirement Plan?

Prior to retirement and whilst you are still contributing to the SRP you will receive a tax savings up to a certain limit on the amounts you contribute. At retirement (or minimum age 55) you are able to take one third of the money you have saved as a lump sum (subject to taxation) and the rest must be used to purchase a compulsory annuity which will pay you a monthly amount into retirement. Still have more questions? Click here 

Who should invest in the Satrix Retirement Plan?
If you are self-employed, the SRP is perfect for you if you do not belong to a pension or provident fund.

You receive income which is not taken into account when contributing to an existing pension or provident fund.

You wish to supplement existing retirement savings as you feel it may not be enough.

You are looking for a tax-efficient way to save for retirement.
Why the Satrix Retirement Plan?
Satrix is a world class index tracking investment manager based in Cape Town, South Africa. The merits of index tracking funds are well documented in that they offer no performance compromise at significantly lower fees to that of active managers. Saving for retirement is a long term commitment and making sure you are getting the best value for money assists in growing the capital you get at retirement.

Satrix has two unit trust funds managed within the limitations of Regulation 28 which are available for selection as the underlying investment in your Satrix Retirement Plan.

A moderate risk fund, the Satrix Balanced Index Fund
A cautious fund, the Satrix Low Equity Index Fund

You will need to choose one of these two unit trust funds or a combination of both for your SRP.
You may make a single lump sum contribution (minimum R10 000) or a monthly debit order (minimum R500 monthly) into your plan. You are able to suspend you contributions for any period without penalties.

The fees of these Satrix Unit Trust options within the Satrix Retirement Plan are as follows:
Satrix Low Equity Index Fund
Satrix Balanced Index Fund
Initial administration fee
Annual service fee: Satrix
Annual administration fee: Glacier
All fees are fully disclosed and we report regularly to keep you informed

Tax Efficient
A percentage of your contribution is deductible for tax purposes

Click here for the application form.
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Email or fax the completed form to or 021 947 9210.
The plan is offered under the Personal Portfolio Retirement Annuity Fund (“the Fund”). By investing in this plan, you become a member of the Fund which is administrated by Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“Glacier”). Investment choice is limited to unit trust funds managed by Satrix, a division of Sanlam Investment Management (Pty) Ltd. Glacier and Satrix are part of the Sanlam Group of Companies and licensed as Financial Services Providers under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002.