Breaking Down EasyEquities

The first time I heard about EasyEquities was in 2014 when I had to organise an interview with the CEO of Purple Capital. At the time it was starting to gain ground and to be honest I didn't even pay attention. I just thought it's a nice product in the market especially for those who love trading.

But let's be honest, ignorance is not bliss. So I started reading bits and pieces on it. And this is what I found.

- It was voted by Accenture as the most innovative concept for 2014. This is important because when companies put their neck on the line for other company it means they trust them.

- You have access to all the popular shares on the JSE and they do so in an easy to consume format.

- The platform allows you to buy shares fractionally. So this is what I mean: most shares are very expensive. If a share is R1500 you don't have to spend for the share. You can buy a portion of the share and all that depends on you on how much you are willing to pay. This way you can invest in your favourite brands with an amount that you can afford.

- The interface of the platform is modern, clean and user friendly.

- They have educational resources on their website for you to grow your knowledge. Remember that for you to make money you have to understand what you are dealing with. Fortunately their resources are not hard at all.

Other Benefits: 
Their fees are very low
No monthly cost – You don’t pay a monthly fee to use the platform.
No minimum brokerage – each time you purchase shares, regardless of the amount, there isn’t a minimum charge.
0.25% brokerage fee (ex VAT) – The fees are a bit higher than this and it’s important to read their cost profile.
It's really easy to get registered and FICA’d to be able to trade.

The not so good
Since your contract is with GT247, and it happens that the company goes bust, sadly you will lost the fraction of your share. But if you keep buying and end up owning the entire share then it belongs to you.

But I doubt that GT247 will go bust. It has been in business for some time now and has a good reputation.

So why not check it out. You can play around with it first. When you open an account you get:
A demo account – you trade with fake money to learn how the system works. Play around with it and see. It's not that hard at all. Remember you don't have to trade if you are not comfortable.
A live account – you trade with your own money.
A TFSA account – A Tax Free Savings Account gives you access to TFSA investment vehicles.

Investing builds wealth. Holding cash doesn’t. This platform is trading platform is trading simplified. And over the long term, the more you have in the market, the more opportunity you have to earn returns.

Visit the EasyEquities website.

Please note that I am not earning any direct or indirect compensation by the mentioned companies. I am writing this post to teach as I learn.