How I bought a handheld massager that I didn't need

So yesterday while I was busy cleaning the storeroom I found this handheld massager that I have have had for two years. I have only used it twice. The reason is that it's really heavy and no one in the house wants to massage me.  Anyways I wanted to share with you  how easy it is to buy on the impulse.  
Here is my story: 
I just came back from a meeting and I decided to go to the mall near me. It was not so crowded and I was enjoying all the sights around me.  Suddenly, I saw this guys selling these handheld massagers. As I was about to pass, the guy stopped me and asked me if I wanted to try it. I quickly said yes. I always have a little problem with my back so this hit home. He started massaging me from the back, neck and shoulders and "Oh My Word" I just wanted to stay there. I could hear he was making a sales pitch but my brain was so out of it, this machine was working me.  
Then he stopped and he proceeded to tell me about the benefits of the handheld massager, and that it sells sells for R800 but today only it was on special and it goes for R650. 
While talking to me he started using the machine on my arms to demonstrate the different pressure settings that it has.  I love massages so much  and at that instant moment I made a decision to buy it. After a short negotiation on the price, I bought it for R550. 
Later on that week  a friend came to visit. I showed it to her and she told me that she saw the same  products was sold today for for R380. Ouch! Needless to say I wasn’t happy anymore. I was a little bit angry with myself because I am always so careful but alas I fell for their tricks. 
This was a classic example for impulse buying. At that moment, I bought something that I didn’t intend to buy acting on my emotions and I fell hard for their marketing tricks. 
So if you are reading this and thinking that you are immune to the marketers tricks and that you are not an impulsive buyer, let me tell you that you are so wrong.  If it can happen to me the under-buyer, it can happen to anyone.
The truth is with all the on-your-face marketing that's happening,I don't know if anyone can completely avoid impulse buying completely. But having said that, minimising it can go a long way toward achieving your financial goals and desired lifestyle. Stay the course and don't give up if you already made a bad decision.