Free yourself from unhealthy financial dependence

If you look around at the way we human beings live, financial dependence is everywhere.

There’s no getting around us humans simply, it’s just the way the world, and life, works. Everything is dependent on something.

Many of us have felt this way at least once in our lifetime. But what if you find yourself continually in these situations?

The issue with financial dependence becomes a problem when you begin to feel beholden to another or trapped in a situation you can’t easily get out of.

This is when it’s time to start evaluating your beliefs and values about your own worth and, on another level, look at what you truly want for yourself.

Here’s where the challenge begins…many people, a lot of them women, don’t even realise the problem is their own? As women, we haven’t always been taught that we need to grow up and be able to take care of ourselves.

One thing leads to another and viola’, you find yourself married to someone you don’t like anymore who controls the purse strings or heaven forbid abuses you in someway, with no financial capacity to get out.

Or, you find yourself living in someone’s home for free but ‘free’ comes with uncomfortable situations and you don’t have enough money to move into your own place, or at least into a different place that’s safer.

Or, you find yourself with a child or three with no way to support them or yourself and your husband gets into an accident with no insurance.

Or, you’re a stay-at-hom dad who loses his bread-winning wife and now you have to figure out how to take care of your special needs child all by yourself.

The situations are endless but they all speak to the dependence that we find ourselves in at one point or another in our lives.

And try as we may, even those of us who do learn about money, investing, being positive, taking responsibility for ourselves, etc. can get caught with our financial pants down and not know which end is up.

The Cost of Dependence

What is the cost of finding ourselves in a situation where we’re uncomfortably dependent on someone or something (and I’m referring to ‘the system’)?

The costs are many.

It’s our dignity.

It’s our health from the stress we put ourselves under.

It’s the cost of our future and maybe our children’s future…not being able to move forward in the direction we prefer.

It’s the cost of our children’s piece of mind or security or health.

As I said, the costs are many.

Free yourself from unhealthy financial dependence

First and foremost it takes the awareness that you are dependent in the first place.

Identify the fear that is holding you back from taking charge of your life.

Next, it takes the desire to come independent…no matter what it takes, what it costs, what you have to do, where you have go, who you have to talk to, etc. You have to want it more than anything else in the world…period.

Once you know that you want it, you have to know WHAT you want. You have to be able to see it, describe it, experience it inside as if it were already real.

After that everything rests on you. What are YOU willing to do to take back YOUR life? It’s a great question and only you have the answer.

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