Stop playing small & get out of your own way

As women, we are taught to be the caregivers, to take care of everyone else first. Unfortunately, that old way of doing life does not work, and many of us have seen our mothers and grandmothers stay small and put their dreams on the back-burner to give to others a chance while their dreams died with them.

Sadly, our generation of women, just like our mothers and grannies, often struggle with the emotions behind handling and earning money.We have many universal and individual money beliefs and fears that are preventing us from getting ahead, regardless of our income level.

But you don’t have to play small nor do you need to give up on your dream. You need to start valuing yourself more and that will show in how you deal with money and every part of your life.

For you to step into your unique brilliance, you need to be free to be you. You have to allow yourself to succeed and live the happy, balanced life you dream of.

For freedom to come, you have to be open-minded and willing to be honest about your challenges and be willing to address all the underlying beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts and keeping you poor.

Think about your own beliefs around money.  Where you are today is a result of the beliefs you’ve held.  Creating a different future involves deciding which beliefs will best serve you and which need to be replaced with more positive ones.

It's possible for you as a woman to be brilliant, help more people, make more money, help your family, advance your career, change your life, give back, change the world & receive all the blessings that you deserve.  The possibilities are endless!

Here is what you need to work on:

  • Learn to respect yourself
  • Take care of yourself first and no it is not selfish
  • Learn to respect your money
  • Find what money beliefs you hold that keep you poor
  • Forgive yourself for past money mistakes
  • Live in line with your real values
  • Having integrity with yourself
  • Stop playing small & get out of your own way

And don't forget to find yourself mentors that in line with your dreams and vision. Hang out with people who are where you want to be, not where you’ve been. High earning women understand that without a network of believers and mentors, they wouldn’t have made it.  Your believers and support system encourage you to set your goals high and help you to realise those dreams.