Be On The Lookout For These Tax Scams

by - July 25, 2016

With tax season comes many attempts to scam taxpayers.  SARS would like to remind taxpayers that, even if they are using the service of a tax practitioner or an intermediary, the taxpayer remains personally liable for their own tax affairs and their own compliance.

Taxpayers should ensure the tax practitioner they use is registered and accredited, and can check the registration status of a tax practitioner on the SARS website.

Often scammers obtain taxpayer information by posing as tax consultants, tax practitioners or a trusted third party. They are then able access the taxpayers profile on eFiling and submit false declarations. Taxpayers must not divulge their eFiling details such as login name and password to anyone.

Taxpayers are also warned to be vigilant in the use of personal devices to ensure these devices are secure and to ensure that login credentials are strong and not repeated used over multiple devices.

SARS will never request your banking or personal details in any communication that you receive by post, email, phone or SMS. Importantly, SARS will also not send you any hyperlinks to other websites - even those of banks. There are no links to any banks on the SARS website.

Taxpayers who are concerned about emails or SMS messages claiming to be from SARS should:
Deadline Dates for the 2016 Tax Season
  • The deadline for taxpayers who submit their tax returns manually by post or by dropping them off in a SARS drop box is 23 September 2016.
  • The deadline for all non-provisional taxpayers via efiling or at a branch is 25 November 2016. Non-provisional taxpayers are the majority of employed individuals who submit a tax return and who earn an income from one or more employer.
  • The deadline for Provisional taxpayers who submit returns via eFiling is 31 January 2017. Provisional taxpayers form a much smaller segment of the tax base and are those individuals with other forms of income like investment income, income from business activities, rental income, royalties income or directors of companies.

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