Confession: my personal money beliefs

by - August 01, 2016

Sometimes I wonder why I don't recall things from my childhood. And sometimes, I have a flood of memories .  

Some of these memories are great and some ... well, such is life.

Studies have proven that as adults we carry impressions and stories around from our childhood.

So here is my story.

I was raised by a single mom and she worked really hard to provide for us. But like so many single mothers, my mom was always worried about money.  And she had too. No one was helping her raise us. My dad left us.  She had to carry all those responsibilities by herself.

During those difficult years, I watched her struggle. Even though she tried to insulate us from the struggles, she couldn't hide everything. And this showed when we asked her for money.

She would be so annoyed and start yelling, “Where do you think we get the money for that? Huh? I can't even buy myself winter boots and you want that?"

That is one of those memories that is so etched in my head.  I remember it like it happened yesterday.

Although I didn't struggle as a child because my mom worked hard, her own fears created in me some unhealthy beliefs about money that are haunting me to this day.

Every single one of us grew up with ideas about money — good or bad, our opinions were formed and influenced when we were very young.

When I started blogging, this voice started becoming louder.  And the truth is I have been ignoring it. But the more I ignored it, the louder it got.

What we resist persists.

So I stopped trying to block this voice and checked why I was hearing it so loudly at this stage of my life. I found that this was my money belief, and it was blocking me. Probably why I tend to be a miser at times because of fear of not having enough. And yes it happens to most women. But it's possible to be free from it.

I had to be hones with myself during my introspection time. It wasn't comfortable but it was worth it. Finally, I got to the root of my problem.

Since I am now very much aware of the voice, I feel as if a confession might be a step in the right direction. So here’s my secret belief about money:
Life is meant to be a constant financial struggle.  
Beliefs define who we are—what we think, how we behave and the actions we take.

Clearly seeing my mom's struggle had a great impact on my life and how I handle money.

I know that the voice is irrational because I have done better than she did but this was always at the back of my mind.  And I had to acknowledge it and release it.

Currently, I have two strategies:

1. Gratitude. The other day I read this tweet that explains why I've included gratitude in my strategy: "Difficulties are dulled down when we choose to magnify the miracles around us instead." I have a journal where every morning and every night I jot down things that I am grateful for. And that helps me to put things in perspective. My life is not at all bad. And because I have a strategy in place, I am moving forward.

2. Education.  One of my favourite scriptures in the Bible is "be transformed by the renewal of your mind, ". Learning and experiencing new things is a great way to challenge the brain. Education calms down the fear and removes all anxieties. Education also gives you right believing. And right believing produces right living.

As you read this, maybe you realise that you are holding onto beliefs about money that aren’t serving you, and you were probably not even aware of it. Here is what I encourage you to do:
  1. Start by asking yourself what you were told about money growing up. 
  2. Accept your current money beliefs. 
  3. Let them go. 
  4. Stay aware of your thoughts
  5. Stay committed
It's easy for us to move through our lives completely unaware of the limiting beliefs that are directing our decisions. But by taking control of our money beliefs, we regain control of our money and our wealth, and ultimately control of our lives. All it takes is the commitment to do so. 

So, what money beliefs are holding you back?

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