Men may have fewer accidents than women

by - August 29, 2016

The battle of the sexes for domination behind the wheel of a car is an ongoing one, and insurance statistics are often used as evidence of better – or worse – driving ability.

According to the most recent statistics from Alexander Forbes Insurance, men may have fewer accidents than women, but the extent of the damage is more severe. Across all ages, the average cost per claim by male drivers is higher than those of their female counterparts.

 “Men have more vehicles written off than women do,” said L'eanne Harrington, Senior Manager at Alexander Forbes Retail.

 In the higher-powered vehicle segment, men have more accidents.

“For vehicles over R500 000, the average cost per claim for females R51 537, compared to R59 805 for males.”This is because women are less likely to speed or drive recklessly explains Harrington.

Women are also driving cheaper cars – 75% of female drivers have a sum insured value of under R250 000, compared to 70.75% of males’ vehicles.

From middle age onwards, females have a higher partial damage frequency, which Harrington believes could be caused either by being distracted by little children in the car, or by young learner-drivers driving mom’s car.

“It seems fair to say that women are less of an accident risk, but the jury is still out on who the better driver is.”

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