Taryn Gill: Get Started, no matter how small.

by - September 16, 2016

Following years of working in media and publishing sector,  Taryn Gill went on to establish an innovative hair-care range, The Perfect Hair, built specifically for different textures of African hair. Her salon caters for all African hair types with three ranges The Perfect Wave, The Perfect Curl and The Perfect Kinky Coil. She is also the owner of the Perfect Publisher and which publishes shopping and travel guides tailored to women, who make most consumer decisions in the average SA household. She shares lessons she's learned along the way in her entrepreneurial journey.

Tell us a bit about your business and what motivated you to start?

When I discovered the quality of African hair-care for curls and kinky coils that were extensively available in the US market, I asked myself why we as South Africans did not yet we have access to all these natural essential oils, that make up quality hair-care. I took the plunge and began formulating with the assistance of a trichologist and bio-chemist.

How did you raise your start up money?

My bank arranged an extension to my credit line and an increased overdraft which got me started.

Did you write a business plan? Was it an effective tool for you?

Rather than a business plan, a drew a large Spider diagram with all my brand objectives and strategic targets outlined on my wall above my work desk. Its visual, effective and keeps my focused on the goal.

Who did you hire to help you with your business - bookkeeper, an accountant, lawyer …? Would you suggest others do the same? 

I hired an accountant who did the costing outlines to each strategy, a designer to assist with branding and packaging, a blogger to assist with my communication plans, a shop assistant to run my concept store in Newtown JHB and engage with shoppers when I am not there, and also key was the digital agency to build and manage a world-class website and online shop – this is KEY.

What have you done that has been very effective in helping to grow the business?

Getting the right hands to help where necessary, you cant do it all on your own.

How do you effectively manage the finances of your company?

As above, my book-keeper/accountant takes a small monthly fee to keep an eye on my books and streamline costs. She is practical, and teaches us how to use systems like Sage Pastel to manage what goes into and out of my concept store and online store.

Do you have rainy-day savings for your business?

Not yet!

What's a financial mistake you made as a business owner in the beginning? And how did you bounce from it?

Paying a supplier upfront for a service that he did not perform, I won’t do that again.

With the current economy slump, what cost saving tips would you share with new entrepreneurs?

Get Started, no matter how small. But Think Big Brand Behaviour.

What advice can you offer female business owners on making sure they're being compensated fairly for their work?

Don’t underestimate yourself or your earning potential. Your client does need you and your product.

Do you have business mentors, and if so, how have they helped you develop as an entrepreneur?

Informal mentors who have been sounding boards, listened and given advice. Often colleagues and other entrepreneurs.

What have you learned from starting your company that might be useful to would-be entrepreneurs?


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Pic by Toni Jordan

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