You can enjoy life today while saving for the future

by - September 26, 2016

YOLO - "you only live once". I have heard so many people use this term prior to getting wasted or when waking up with a massive hangover. I get it. I’ve done silly things in my life that I won’t forget. I was in the zone and it is what it is. No regrets.

Still, I have never heard anyone apply YOLO when talking about career growth or personal development. I was chatting with a woman who has no issues with getting wasted on a work night. She dismisses her hangovers and missing work as YOLO. However, when it comes to having a low paying job because of a crappy attitude, she just accepts that this is her lot.

Adopting the “life-is-short” attitude can free you from the chains of disciplined savings and add to the enjoyment and broadness of your life. However, this can have different consequences for different people. Using the attitude to avoid having a disciplined financial plan can prove very bad for your financial situation.

Just like with so many things in life, the success lies in balance. A balanced approach to savings vs. enjoying life is what it is all about. Everything in moderation.

 By practicing a good financial balance you not only avoid spending money you don’t have – you learn to appreciate what you do have on so many levels.

A balanced lifestyle often starts with a balanced well-being, but when you are accruing debt and your finances seems to be out of control, it is hard to find an overall balance to go with.

Spend some, save some, and share some; and working to find the right balance that allows you to achieve your financial goals and save for the future.

Life is short and we need to make the best of it. We can’t wait until our ship sails in, until we start to enjoy it. Still, this approach should be balanced with enough consideration for the future. You can enjoy life today while saving for the future. And yes, money doesn't buy happiness, but financial freedom does give you flexibility, options and security, and all of those things can make a big difference in your day-to-day satisfaction.

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