Fashion and Investments event

Women are great at multi-tasking, but many drop the ball when it comes to preparing for and taking charge of their financial well being.

Encouraging conversations about investing is the first step to creating a dynamic and inclusive environment where women can engage in productive conversations on topics that will build them.

Bringing women together, Lungile Msibi, brand manager of Emperors Asset Managers launched her first Fashion and Investment event. The intimate, relaxing setting was a remarkable opportunity for women to network with other women, share laughs over good fashion and wine; and learn about investing to make better financial decisions.

Lungile said she had her AHA moment with regards to saving and investing after she hosted an amazing investment event last year and realised that only a handful of women attended the event. After doing some research she discovered that 86% of women don’t know how to invest or choose an investment product – and only 7% will be able to retire comfortably.

In her presentation, Lungile included these topics:

- What’s the goal ? How do you want to look at the event?
- How much risk are you willing to take? Short dress/long dress – see through or turtle neck?
- How versatile is this dress – what if the weather changes, will I be alright?
- Does it suit me?
- Can I afford it?
- Can I wear it again? Is it a long term investment?
 -Is it unique? Will I stand out?
- Some of us go shopping with friends – someone who will be brutal and tell you whether      something is working out for you or hold your hand – you trust their judgement.

And then she tied them to investing by highlighting that we make these decisions every single time we shop however we are not making these decisions when it comes to dealing with investing and saving.

Other speakers at the event were Yolisa Jafta, founder of Posh Material and Mapaseka Mohlala founder of Crown Hair who both shared their entrepreneurial journey. LeAnne Dlamini of End Girl Movement campaign encouraged the ladies to compliment and support each other. And Nkuli Gwala from Emperor Asset Managers spoke about the importance of investing for our children and their future.

What was encouraging was seeing the CEO of Purple Group, Charles Savage,and other team members from the company in attendance. For me that meant that the group is committed to helping women achieve financial freedom. 

We also had a fashion show from Posh Material. And this red dress got everyone excited. This fashion investment is definitely for the brave.  And the reaction from the lady in a purple and white dress on the left is #priceless! 

Girls were treated to manis  courtesy of Candi & Co and also had vouchers from Easy Equities, Posh Material and Crown Hair. 

At the end of the event there was a queue leading to the representatives of Purple Group. Women were feeling brave to ask questions about investing. Clearly a seed had been planted and I know it will grow. 

Like Lungile, I believe that financial education is imperative for women so that women can become better investors. That is why I will continue to support any person or company that helps women to grow in knowledge, confidence and helps them answer critical questions on how to secure their financial future.

To Lungile and the Purple Group staff, well done on a great event but more than anything thank you for being brave enough to believe in the financial empowerement of women and for taking special measures to reach them.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Pic Credit: Bradley Leather and Charles Savage