Now is the time to get real about investing

The fact that many women who don’t invest and base their decision on the fact they don’t understand the stock market is very problematic.

By not learning the basics of investing or taking the time to understand how it works, you are setting yourself up for a truly sad retirement scenario – one where you won’t have enough money stashed away, where you’ll probably live those last few decades poor, on government assistance, or struggling to get part-time work.

If you don’t want to be one of those people, now is the time to get real about investing for the future. Even if you plan to work later in life, it’s still important that you actively invest in the present. You never know what will happen over the next few years of your life.

You may think you can’t afford to, but you can’t really afford not to invest. You might think it’s too “hard” or “complex,” but many investment vehicles that we have today are simplified so that we can all can enjoy a piece of the pie.

The basics of investing in the stock market are very simple: You purchase shares of companies in any economy, and if they perform well financially, then your shares increase in value so that you retire can sell them at a high price.

While you may think the world will end before you retire, or that you’ll “die early,” chances are fairly good that you’ll live to endure the consequences of not investing in your retirement.

While it’s easy to understand why someone living in true poverty might not invest, the other excuses we use not to do it are plain weird. Sadly, buying any excuse will hold you back.

At the end of the day, excuses won’t help you get ahead; they can only hold you back from the retirement you deserve.

Change may be painful but it’s not impossible. One small change leads to another soon you’ll set your course in the right direction. You just have to begin.