Someone dear to me recently passed away

Someone dear to me recently passed away. It was a shock to the entire family. She was in the hospital for a week only and passed on after that.

While we were planning the funeral, we found out that she didn't have a funeral policy. It was a shock because this person was smart and understood how things work.

I used to hear about this sort of thing happening to others but I never thought that this would happen to our family.

So what we did as a family and extended family was to pool money together to bury her. In addition, people donated money and groceries towards transport, catering, casket, flowers and so on.

But thinking about it this morning, I realised how important it is to prepare in life, even for death. Most of us never think that we are going to die. We subconsciously believe that we are going to live for a very long time and that is wrong thinking. Death happens suddenly - in an accident, by unexpected illness or even of natural causes. Hence it's important that we plan for it.

While talking to one member of the extended family, he mentioned that he checks with his family all the time that they have funeral policies, to a point of demanding that they show him the receipts of their monthly payments because they've had to deal with these kind of situations too many times in his family to leave it to chance.

I really liked this idea and I have decided to implement it too in our family.

What I learned from this funeral is that even though none of us know when we are going to pass away, it's crucial to plan and have a funeral cover. If you live things unsorted, you end up burdening your loved ones. Yes they want to bury you in a dignified manner but a funeral is not free to put together. It's costly, very costly mainly because it's unplanned for.

A funeral policy provides peace of mind and immediate financial relief to loved ones so that their focus can be on emotional closure and friends who come to pay their last respects. Financial distractions, while dealing with grief and shock are an unnecessary burden especially in this life.

It's hard enough for family members to deal with the death of a loved one emotionally and the overwhelming unforeseen duties that need to be carried out on behalf of the deceased.  Having your affairs neatly in order and easy to find is possibly one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and loved one’s. While a funeral plan can never ease the pain of your loss, it can help to make things much easier for your family.

A funeral plan is guaranteed to pay on death, as there is a short time allocated for funerals once a person passes away. This means your family won’t be waiting around for a cheque, like is possible with some other insurance plans.

Here is a list of companies that offer funeral policies:

Clientèle Funeral Dignity plan starts from. R99. p/m.
Old Mutual Funeral cover starts from R31/month
FNB starts from R99. p/m.
Standard Bank starts from R40 per month
Liberty starts from R43 per month
Sanlam funeral plan starts from R25 per month

This is just an idea of how much they costs. If you do your research you will find that most funeral covers are really affordable. Give your family a peace of mind and get yourself a funeral cover.