Dear woman, money and power is your birthright

Despite significant strides, many women are still not the primary managers of their financial affairs.
We have many times supported the goals of the family without ever truly identifying what is most important to us.

I truly believe that if enough women step fully into their own power, we’d see a giant ripple effect  on the global landscape.

Phyllis Chesler wrote in her book, Women, Money, and Power: “Money is a power sacred to most men and foreign to most women.”  These words written over 30 years ago, still hold true today.

The word ‘power,’ comes from the Latin word, potere (‘to be able’) means the “ability to act or produce an effect.”

The words we associate with power are “male”–assertive, authoritative, decisive.  This is why, despite 100 years of academic over-achievement by many women, we still live in a world where men rule.

And I understand why. Despite achieving great things, most of us as women have never been taught to achieve wealth.  In fact, historically, women have been carefully conditioned to avoid power as a survival mechanism. Instead we were taught early that our well-being and success are inextricably tied to being attractive and being nice.

And by pushing this weird gender stereotyping, our society has also told us that we do not deserve to be wealthy.

And although we are taught to work hard, were were not taught how to make money.

But here is something interesting.  Did you know where the word “money”comes from? You will be surprised!

The English word for money comes from the Latin word moneo, which means ‘to warn’, and is named after the Roman Goddess, Juno Moneta. Juno, in Roman mythology, was the wife of Jupiter and as such was considered the Queen of Gods and the most powerful goddess. She was originally the Goddess of marriage and childbirth, the protectress of women, the patroness of matronly virtues and the patron Goddess of Rome.

In ancient Rome, she was the guardian of finances. Her temple became the first treasury. It was in her temple that the earliest coins were minted.

Think about what this means for a second. We are so powerful. What we think about, we bring about!

 As women, money and power are our birthright. So don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise!

Once you open up that space and let go of the fears, then the practical information will become truly applicable rather than another task on the overwhelming “to do” list.

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