8 Habits of a succesful woman to adopt to be wealthy

It's only in 2011, that girls were told that they run the world (thanks, Bey), so many of us are still getting used to figuring out what it takes to achieve and maintain success.

Fortunately for me, I meet and network with various women from diverse industries and it is really refreshing to listen to their perception of what helps them to become financially independent.

I'm talking about women who enjoy a good quality of life not those with a form of success.  Women who achieve a healthy net worth and debt-free life are following a few rules to keep themselves financially stable and to increase their wealth.

In order to achieve financial success, here are habits to adopt to be wealthy. Even if you win the lotto, these tips will come in handy.

1. A successful woman thinks differently. The successful woman is hopeful. She is empowered by knowledge of lessons gleaned from the failure of the previous try. She doesn’t take failure personally and she knows that failing doesn’t make her a failure. She knows that internalizing failure is a death sentence for her dreams.

2. A successful woman  is in charge of her money.  Getting in control of your money in and of itself accomplishes little toward achieving your financial goals, yet it is the most important part of financial success. Without doing this first you will never manage to start spending less than you make, pay off your debts, or start saving and investing.

2. A successful woman is patient and persistent. The skills needed to become successful with money are not hard to learn and put into action. Honestly, almost any woman who wants to do it can. Getting in control of your money take time; this means you must be patient and persistent. With patience and discipline your possibilities are truly limitless. And patience coupled with determination will encourage you to do all the right things that enable you to accumulate wealth and, in many cases, retire early.

3. A successful woman is clear about their values and goals. You have to be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge the real desires of your heart. There is no time for surface goals. No time for putting everyone else’s agenda ahead. Being clear will ensure that you follow your road map which will move with you over time as your circumstances change.

4. A successful woman plans for both personal and financial success. When we know for sure what financial resources we have and plan to use them to accomplish our goals and objectives, we experience the peace and contentment that comes from making order out of chaos.

5. A successful woman builds her well-being. Emotional well-being is not the absence of emotions, but it is your ability to understand the value of your emotions and use them to move your life forward in positive directions.

6. A successful woman is always looking for opportunities to increase her income. They do this by developing their skills and this qualifies them to earn more money. Others start side business. And others earn passive income through investing. So each of your sources of income should be carefully chosen based on what you have a potential to enjoy. E.G, I used to have some rental income. It was a good way to make money but I no longer enjoy dealing with the problems that are unavoidable with it.

7. A successful woman invests in addition to saving. To be successful with money it is essential to learn how to save and invest. Saving and investing are the keys to the passive income that can really change your life financially.

8. A successful woman keeps learning. Investing lessons can be learnt from life, and investing can teach us a lot about life. Learn about investing until you find it as easy as buying shampoo. Ask questions until you get a satisfying answer. And don’t’ give up on learning.

Since no one is perfect, my challenge to you is to pick one item on this list to improve on and set goals to move you closer to accomplishing this item.

Be intentional about what you say to yourself when you fail as well as when you succeed. Choose hope. Dream big. Learn new skills. Believe all things are possible.

And if you are not sure what to do make sure you seek professional advice from a licensed financial adviser. This will ensure you work towards achieving your financial plan whilst having your own financial coach.

What financial lesson have you learned from another woman?