King Price Insurance: Make the impersonal, personal


Life happens. No matter how efficient a planner you are, life is full of unforeseen events in which you might need cash; accident injuries, medical emergencies, car accident, home invasion, natural calamity, etc.

Protecting your most important assets is an important step in creating a solid personal financial plan. Sadly for me I learned this the hard way.

So, in the beginning of the year, I had my laptop stolen.. sigh! So how did this happen?

I was having drinks with a friend at a restaurant and I pulled a chair next to me to put my bag on it. The restaurant was not that full and it was really a nice day to be outside. My phone and purse were on the table. We spent a pleasant 30 minutes catching up and then when I turned around my bag was gone. I don't know what happened. I asked around and no one saw who took it.

After looking for it, more like running around like a headless chicken, I finally decided to go home. I was tired and feeling numb.

Slowly, the aftermath started trilling in my head and I remembered that I didn't have insurance for the laptop. I know some people are going to ask…"you didn't have insurance"? Ironically enough…no because at the back of my mind I never thought I will lose my laptop and secondly I thought insuring my laptop was an unnecessary expenditure. I completely ignored that bad things happen even to nice people like me.

So this really messed up my budget because I had to buy my laptop cash... in Januworry nogal! After getting the laptop, I knew I had to get insurance. I mean, it would be stupid of me not to after going through that much stress.

Yeah I admit, insurance is one of those boring responsibilities that we adults must have.  Like everyone else, I need peace of mind because of all the economic turmoil that has been impacting my life and yes budget too.

However, there is one area where I know I can take charge to protect not only my financial future, but also my personal items that matter to me: insurance planning.

King Price Insurance: Make the impersonal, personal

Finding good, affordable insurance requires some searching, but it's worth the effort.

So while Googling for insurance quotes, I ended up on King Price's website. The company was started out of a need give consumers the fair and logical insurance choice that they deserved.

And if you have multiple cars and you comprehensively cover more than one car with the them, they can offer you ‘multiple car discount’. The more cars you insure with them on one policy, the higher the discount. Which means that the more you insure, the more you save!’.

They also have insurance for business and personal stuff like jewellery, camera, cellphone, eyewear and yes laptops.

Besides their nice benefits and discounts, I also liked their brand new website which loaded really quickly. Sure it's still red, gold and grey but the colours blend in easily together without distracting you as you browse. And their choice of font for the title and heading graphics gives it a modern feel.

Navigation is clear at the top, the logo is nicely bold so you know where you are at and the website/pages load really fast. The internal pages also have the same connected feel as the the home page and that keeps the site consistent throughout.

One thing that I had a gripe with is their scroll button on their side. It's invisible. I stumbled on it by accident and realised that's when I realised that it exists.

Like I said, insurance is boring and to add to that many insurance companies use a confusing language. But King Price website has it logged down to simplicity. The language used on the website removes all of the complexity that has become part of life insurance products. There is no jargon, unfamiliar terms and abstract words. Just simple, every day language that we all can use and understand.

And I found their blog to be very informative with all kinds of financial articles to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

The major theme here is to make everything more readable, more apparent, and more “personalized” to the people visiting in the site.

And you can clearly see the contact information. You can also leave your name and number and they promise to call you back.

In closing

The best part of purchasing insurance for my laptop cover is that in case of eventualities, I don't have to lose out too much financially. I can repair or replace it quickly with the insurance cover.

Insurance is an effective diversification tool in your financial plan. If you haven’t considered insurance for your personal items as a separate and distinct asset class, maybe it’s time to take another look.

Do you have insurance cover and for what?

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