My favourite money quotes from influential women

Money is a major factor that controls what you can and can’t do in life. And yet, many of women do not understand how to make good financial decisions. They don't understand the many different ways there are to save and invest their money.

And because they don't understand, they make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to be financially wise. There are benefits to all of us of understating how our money works.

From Maya Angelou to Beyonce Knowles -- some of the wealthiest  and influential women in the were smart about managing their money.

So I put together some of those inspiring thoughts from our beloved because a good quotation can change the way you think — and also inspire you to take to take action.

So, if you've been struggling with your finances - get inspired by these motivating tips and quotes on managing your money.

Here are my favourite money quotes from influential women:

I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let's face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what's sexy. And men define what's feminine. It's ridiculous - Beyonce Knowles, singer, songwriter and actress

A woman must see herself as valuable -- no less than the CEO of the firm and no more than the babysitter whom she pays -- but equally, a full human being - Maya Angelou,  poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist

Let me tell you, money’s pretty nice. But having a lot of money does not automatically make you a successful person. What you want is money and meaning. You want your work to be meaningful, because meaning is what brings the real richness to your life - Oprah Winfrey, media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist.

Make your own money, be your own woman, never depend or look for a man with money because it will always be his money and what will you be for depending on his money - Unknown

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track - Natasha Munson, motivational speaker

I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though I have a lot of it - Jennifer Lawrence - actress

Women do 85% of all the spending in the country. It’s not just clothes and shoes—we’re buying homes, we’re buying cars, we’re also buying groceries. And when you’re the one in charge of managing the budget, there are things that become urgent. There are things that become important. And it’s important to have a method to keep those things in perspective - Jean Chatzky, financial journalist, author and motivational speaker

Women with money and women in power are two uncomfortable ideas in our society - Candace Bushnell,  Novelist and television producer.

I think my relationship with money was shaped by the fact that I didn't want to ask anyone for money - Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson, entrepreneur

People don’t take opportunities because the timing is bad, the financial side unsecure. Too many people are overanalyzing. Sometimes you just have to go for it – Michelle Zatlyn, co-founder of CloudFlare

I remember my mother saying, "you are going to be on your own, so you are going to figure out how to make your own money - Dyllan McGee, documentary filmmaker and founder of McGee Media.

Women work hard for their families, for their advancement, their progress; they work hard to live the life of their dreams. Make it happen. See it through. Take control of your dreams by taking control of your finances. You deserve it - Kathy Murphy, president of Fidelity Personal Investing

Learning to navigate life’s ups and downs requires learning to manage your money. Where you are in life often parallels your journey with your finances. You might fumble a bit as you get started, and once you finally think you've got everything figured out, things get complicated as you need to juggle multiple priorities.

Throughout the journey, talking about life and money with your family and a trusted financial advisor can help you navigate the twists and turns, and carve a path that’s right for you.

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