4 Easy ways to love your man this Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner and on this day we don't only celebrate our biological fathers but men who have made a significant impact in our lives.

If you’ve been showering the men in your life with the typical gifts of clothes, gadgets or an outing each Father’s Day, you can throw in another spin to it.

Give him a gift that will shore up his finances, facilitate his long-held dream or fund projects for which she would otherwise never shell out money.

Finding ways to make your man feel special can be an interesting balance of blending a little creativity with his favorite things.

Here’s some easy ways to show your man/dad that you love him this Father’s Day!

Get him a few of his favourite value stocks
First write a list of things that he is interested in. Then visit Satrix Go or Easy Equities to find stocks that suit his favourite things. Then buy those shares for him.  Then try and get them to follow the company they are now invested in and hopefully you will find them, one day, watching Bloomberg on their own time.

Pay one of his bills.
Maybe your man decided to buy an expensive toy or maybe his credit card. Why not pay that bill for him? A gift to help pay some of his costs could be a huge burden remover. It reinforces your commitment to be there when he needs you the most.

Get him a personal finance book
This doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a boring book, of course. It will depend on his personality. We have a few selection of great books locally, otherwise Amazon is your best place to find some of the best books.  Many titles focus specifically on growing money, so you can narrow your search that way.

Open a savings account to help him realise his dream 
Has your man always wanted to travel or had his eye on a rare antique item? Help him get closer to his  dream without making him feel obliged by setting up a bank account that the entire family can chip into regularly. Encourage him to save as well by putting in a small sum every month to boost the account. It may take a few months to muster up the required amount, but at the end of it, it will be worth it.

Giving financial gifts to your special man can reinforce your relationships with him. It says something in a very concrete way about how you think about him.  You can offer something much more valuable: A good financial start.