Don’t let your emotions influence your money decisions for you

I’m not an apprehensive person but I sometimes struggle with feelings of uncertainty when it comes to my money. I worry about how I'm going to take care of myself when I can't work. These feeling are usually caused by where things are and what I desire to see. And  this can be stressful. Sometimes, I just switch off from those thoughts but doesn't really help me.

Money holds a very powerful sway over our emotions, personality and decisions. This is because it can provide security, freedom and power and lack of it can leave you feeling inadequate and trapped in undesirable circumstances.

I know that money is powerless and faceless; and it's my brain, my intuition, my imagination that makes it to become an object of desire or a problem. Still, financial decisions are complex. Why? Because money is not about finances. It is about emotions. And the most common emotions about money are shame,blame, guilt, fear, worry, sadness, joy and anger. And whatever money fear you have, you can't deal with it without dealing with the emotion.

Despite my understand of money, I am not exempt from those emotions. Everyone has positive and negative emotions related to money that can lead them to make not-so-savvy decisions. For example, when I was making a decision about which house to buy, my emotional side got wrapped up in the type of house I grew up in, where I experienced love. I almost bought a house that I couldn't afford because of those fuzzy feelings. But thank God the bank rejected my loan request.

While it's important to allow our emotions to play a role in our financial lives, it's also important to make sure that we don't let our emotions take over, and take center stage. Even positive emotions like self-confidence and optimism can lead to negative outcomes when they cause people to ignore the future.

And yes, we can't completely get away from our emotional sides, but we can accept that we are in fact emotional creatures, and we can put in place "stop-nonsense" signs that will help us to make better decisions, even while allowing our emotions to play a role.

And sometimes our negative emotions aren't necessarily a bad thing. They can be used as an indicator that we should pay attention, and work towards getting back on the right financial path.

I have accepted that I will never stop worrying about my well-being. So if you're like me and you worry about the future, for example, allow yourself to worry about it for a few minutes, and then take some concrete steps towards fixing the problem. Open a retirement account, figure out how much you can save every month and make your first deposit.

Or let's say you're engaged in a bit of jealous thinking, wishing you had fancy sports car like your next door neighbor. Think about owning that car, and how it would feel for a couple of minutes, and then be more productive by thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for, and possibly even starting a gratitude journal of things in your life you're grateful for.

Make sure that you don't allow those negative thoughts and emotions to become an all day worry. Instead, commit yourself to productive action and come up with some small things you can do to control the situation you're dealing with and find a productive way to change things for the better instead.

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