I'm studying again

I've been toying with the idea of studying again but didn't really know what exactly I wanted to study and with finances being a little tight, I had to hold it off.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school. But God heard those unsaid prayers and came through for me.

GetSmarter offered me an opportunity to study with them. I was thrilled and I took the opportunity.
I had three courses in mind and ended choosing Digital Marketing Online short course which costs R12 900. This will help me to grow my understanding of my current work. I am a blogger and a freelance writer so this will come in really handy. This will simply support my ability to perform better within my field.

My course starts on the 10 of November 2017. It's a 10-week course and it's made up of 10 modules.  I have no illusions that the next 10 weeks will be easy. Lifestyle changes will have to be made. I have to be prepared to have less free time. I may not be able to blog all that much anymore because I will have to devote time to studying. Still, the prospect of new modules, including new literature texts, and preparations are exciting and I am ending this year with a bang.

I also did their Readiness Test to assess my preparedness for this course relating to time management and their technological requirements. And yeah, I'm good to go. The test is also there to help you make sure that the online course you choose is the right fit for you.

I agreed to do the course with them because they work with various top universities including UCT, Wits, University of Stellenbosch Business School, The London School of Economics Political Science, etc to offer online courses. I liked that very much. I mean, Wits and  UCT are the best universities in the continent, so their certificates and diplomas carry a lot of weight.  They offer courses ranging from Business Management, Entrepreneur, Executive Education, Finance, Talent Management, Health, etc.

The registration process was really easy because I got a complimentary course. But I wanted to see what it entailed if I had to register the normal way. They have three stages:
1. Registration
2. Tell us more about yourself
3 Submit your registration

The registration form seems easy enough.  By providing these details you will secure your place on the online short course you've chosen and you can pay later.

You can either pay your tuition fees in full before the course starts, or you may opt for a two-part payment plan for courses nine weeks and shorter. For courses ten weeks or longer, there is a three-part payment plan available. To find out more on payment options please visit our Payment and Financing page.

Each course has a teacher (s). My teacher's name is Carla and I did a quick Google search on her. She has a degree in Marketing Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and she is the owner of a digital marketing company. I like that she owns a company that is related to what she's teaching. She will give me access to the latest research and insights and guide me in my specialism, and give me expert feedback on my work.

I know a lot of free online learning courses are easily accessible today, but having a teacher will challenge me to develop critical thinking skills rather than simply looking up facts or being fed information by a video. It's not every day that I get access to skilled people in their subjects, so I'm going to make the most of it.

So if you've been thinking of doing some studying why not try GetSmarter. Ongoing professional education keeps you on top of the latest trends and practices in your field. 

If you are keen on knowing more about GetSmarter, check out their website.