How to build wealth and live well in 2018

Building wealth and living well (mind, body and soul) are two areas which I feel really strong about. However, sometimes it can feel like while we are in the process of creating wealth we begin to lose control of our focus.

To put things back into perspective and to avoid letting the process of creating wealth control or consume us, we need to remember the real purpose of money and wealth. Where money does and doesn’t belong in our lives.

Money is important, but it’s not everything. The healthiest path forward relies on a balance between money and your well-being. The key to freedom and empowerment is balance.

Fortunately, we can always turn to the wise for advise by absorbing their words of wisdom. After a year of sifting through personal finance books and articles, I decided to round up some of my favourite quotes about life and wealth. Here are they are:

There is a price to pay
I have multiple things pulling at me, so I have to sit down and stop and not be in the crunch. There’s always a price. If you decide not to put in the work, there’s a price. You won’t succeed or get to the level you possibly could. If you do put in the work, there will be sacrifice there too—your time, or your sleep, or your peace of mind. There’s always a price and you have to pay it - Venus Williams, American professional tennis player

Family is important
While your career may be important, the bonds that you forge at work will never be as strong as those forged within the family. Children are hungry to know they are secure with love and loyalty, so don’t hesitate in reinforcing this message. When you have a secure family foundation, you can approach work with greater strength and confidence - Jennifer Carroll, mother, first female and first black elected lieutenant governor of Florida and a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander

Your home is your center
Do not make the mistake of thinking home is the place to go when you are tired of being nice to people. Home is NOT the place to go and vent about everything that frustrates you in your job. Home is NOT the place you go to continue working like a dog doing email and reports. Home, or your personal life, is the reason you go to work, because it is work that finances your personal life. Home is also the place that will be there for you long after the job. The job—the business, you as a leader—is just the means to an end—not the other way around. Understanding this valuable truth is not being disloyal to your organization or your entrepreneurial dreams; it is what will keep you balanced, healthy, and strong to be better at what you do - Robert Murray, author of It’s Already Inside

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Right believing produces right living
If you engage in a consistently correct behavior, you’ll be successful. Seek excellence, not perfection. Once you’re content with excellence, you’ll improve daily and will act daily with alacrity and intent. And learn when to fold and when to hold. There is a time when you cannot change things, they will not get better on their own, and you need to take a sharp right turn to escape your predicament. They caution: If we don’t accept the things we can’t change, we’ll forever be stressed and unhealthy - Alan Weiss and Marshall Goldsmith, from the book Lifestorming: Creating Meaning and Achievement in Your Career and Life

Keep learning
Early on in our careers, we are driven by the desire to prove ourselves. For most of us, that has happened. We have earned our stripes. However, we need to remind ourselves to keep the discipline of good habits.We can never get complacent. We should always keep learning even if we are no longer competing in the workplace. It will keep us in good mental health - SunĂ©l Veldtman, author of Manage Your Money, Live Your Dream

Look Within
When we are envious of somebody, it is because they are mirroring a place in us that does not feel abundant. After all, if you feel abundant, if you are overflowing, the symptom of abundance is that anybody's success makes you joyous. If anybody's success makes you feel anything less than joyous, that is a symptom of scarcity. So if we can resist being angry and focusing on the external and really look within ourselves, we may get very valuable information about what we need to be doing to make us feel better about ourselves - Rick Jarow, author of The Ultimate Anti-Career Guide

Time is still precious
As you become successful, whether it's financially or in mastering a craft, you realize that time is your most precious commodity. There is simply never enough time. There is always too much to think about. So you come up with routines, rituals, and habits that simplify your life and save you time - Ryan Holiday, bestselling author of The Daily Stoic

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Money is your servant
We have heard that money is the root of all evil. Evil is that which is destructive of life. So follow the money and you will see the source and consequences of the evil that threatens the viability of human societies and the biosphere. Money however, is only evil when it becomes our master and confines us to lives of isolation. We can eliminate its evil dimension by restructuring the institutions of money to make money our servant—to serve the community of life rather than to destroy it - David Korten, in a talk at Green Festival

Meaningful relationships
I have lost tens of million of dollars because of bad friends, toxic partners, and people I knew deep down I couldn't trust, but thought that 'this one time' it would be OK; I would make money, and life would be good. "It's never about money. It's about creating meaning and impact in your life and the lives around you. You can only do this if you are surrounded by people you love and who inspire you and who love you and are inspired by you. By being around good people who all want to derive impact from their work and you help each other advance those themes. Money, and even happiness, are byproducts. Friendship, meaning, impact, and love are the themes to live by  - James Altucher, American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, best-selling author, venture capitalist, and podcaste

In this journey of personal discovery, I hope that you are living each day in an authentic world filled with passion and purpose! Remember to Keep an open mind.  If something doesn't work, great! Now you know to do things differently. Go for it.

Which one of these thoughts resonated with you?