Raising Money Savvy Kids eBook Giveaway

The New Year means a chance to start fresh by teaching your kids money lessons that can help them grow their mini empire of financial success this year and well into their future. It’s never too early to teach the value of money and the importance of saving.

If you want your children to be in good financial shape throughout their lives, you need to provide
them with a solid education in managing money — and the sooner you begin, the better.

Focusing early on financial education has never been more important. Kids today have the chance to live longer and along the way they'll need to be able to spend, save, grow and protect their assets through every life phase from university to home ownership to marriage and kids, on into retirement.

As a parent, you have many important things to teach them. First and foremost is imparting them with a real and practical understanding of money. This will put your kids on a better path to long-term financial security. Think of it as the gift you give today to their future selves.

I've teamed up with Kathryn Main of Money Savvy Kids to give you parents an awesome giveaway this month. I like her company because it's something so many of us women can easily identify with, making this a worthwhile giveaway.

Since financial education is not uniformly taught in schools yet, the ebook will help you to guide your little ones in money matters.

Raising Money Savvy Kids is an ebook for all parents who want to start giving their kids the financial education they never had. The ebook sells for R50 and has so much to offer for both kids and parents.

I'm giving away 5 copies. Enter the giveaway below with your Name and Email.