Hey ladies, how was your weekend?

Hey ladies, how was your weekend? Despite the funny weather, mine was pretty good. I saw a few old friends and rested a bit.

Talking about rest, I read something interesting from Sealy blog. According to their experts, catching up on lost sleep by sleeping in on the weekends is no good at all. Pushing through fatigue during the week and sleeping in on weekends to try and rest up and create a ‘sleep reserve’ for the week ahead just doesn’t add up in the world of sleep science. This made so much sense. After all our bodies are not designed to store sleep.

So like everything in our lives, we need regular periods of rest to recharge for periods of hard work or play.

While I'm talking about the weekend, here is a round up of business news from over the weekend.


Toys R Us in South Africa‚ Namibia and Zambia are not affected by the toy chain liquidating its stores in the United States. Source: TimesLive

The Department of Health said on Friday that RCL Food’s statement that a French laboratory cleared its Wolwehoek plant of the ST6 listeria strand does not change the fact that the department found listeria monocytogenes in various areas of its facilities. Source: Fin24

The Shoprite Group recalled its Farmer’s Deli red viennas on Friday. In a statement‚ the retail giant said it received a notification from an environmental health practitioner in the Winelands District of the Western Cape that listeria monocytogenes had been identified “in an initial testing of a single batch of red viennas”. Source: Business Day

Murray & Roberts said on Friday said it has been awarded new underground mining projects in the North American and Australasian markets to the value of R3.8 billion. Source: IOL

Media24 has admitted to Competition Commission that it was involved with price fixing and fixing of trade conditions. The company agreed to pay just under R14 million settlement. The company is part of 28 media firms that have been referred to the competition tribunal for prosecution. Source: EWN

Poultry producer Astral said Chicken should be exempt from value-added tax (VAT). The company argued the increase in VAT to 15% in April from the 14% would hurt consumers who relied on chicken for their main source of protein. Biz Community

Toys R Us South Africa has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and is unaffected by the challenges faced by Toys R Us in the US. Source: My Broadband

Which stories did you find interesting?