Keep calm and Happy Easter

Easter Weekend is here. Unlike Christmas, Easter Weekend, this mini holiday, this little break in regular, everyday life, remains an important time in our society. For me Easter is all about simplicity. This little break gives so many of us the chance to just slow down without needing to be entertained by something fancy. Unlike other holidays, I always find myself calm and reflective during Easter. 

For religious people, it is one the most important day of the Christian calendar. It represents the sacrifices suffering and resurrection in Jesus' life.  

I really like Easter. I like the joyful feeling of renewal during this time because, to me, it’s a holiday that is full of light and hope. In a world where the good don’t seem to win, the wise are often ignored, the kind are ridiculed, and the poor are oppressed, the truth of Easter restores my hope.

For SAns who are not Christians Good Friday is the start of a three or four-day weekend. This is a welcome spring break, which some people use to visit family or friends. It is also a popular time to take a short vacation.

For those of you who will be leaving your homes to vacation elsewhere, you can’t be too careful, and there are plenty of ways you can protect your home from invasion or burglary. 

If you aren’t sure that you have everything covered to protect you and your property, Jannet Ferguson, General Manager: Personal Lines and Underwriting Management Agency at Absa Insurance has these essential tips to help keep you and your property safe.

· Test your home alarm system. Finding out that your home has been broken into is upsetting. This situation can be worsened by a non-payout of an insurance claim if the alarm wasn’t set properly or was not in working order. So before leaving the house, check to make sure your alarm system and back-up battery is working properly.

· Emergency home assist services: Emergencies – like a burst pipe or overflowing geyser - often happen at the most inopportune times. Switch off all geysers and water mains when leaving your home for a long period. Leave emergency numbers, such as those for plumbers, locksmiths and glass repair companies, easily available for anyone who might be taking care of your home.

· Book a “take me home safe” service: If you’re planning on having a few drinks, ensure you’ve booked a driver service. Most insurance policies include a certain number of free trips per year.

· Check whether you have travel insurance in place: If you used your credit card to book your holiday, a level of free cover is included, such as hospital costs and medical expenses as well as medical evacuations.

· Have a list of all necessary contacts: To be on the safe side and be better prepared in case of emergencies, have a written or printed list of all your important information. This can be used as back-up in unlikely scenarios where you find yourself without mobile connectivity.

Enjoy Easter, make the most of this fabulous weather and remember to savour the chocolate of the season.