Money can't buy happiness but it does make life easier

Some people say that money can make life easier and more comfortable. But others say that having a lot of money can bring some problems.Growing up, I saw all the opportunities that money could bring.  I saw children who were creative genius waiting to be uncovered but because their families couldn't afford a decent education for them, they didn't go far. On the other hand, children who din't have a lot of potential managed to succeed in life because their parents earned good money and could afford a better education for them.

It is challenging to sustain your life without money. While it is not oxygen, money is a critical tool that presents options and opportunities. Even though money can't buy happiness, I know that it does make life easier.

I know what it's like to have a lot of money and I also know what it's like to have nothing ... literally zero money in my bank account.  So, I personally like having money in my account. In fact, I don't mind being rich at all. I know why I need lots of money. The appealingly reason is that it affords me the opportunity to do good things that I want to do on a very large scale. I love using money in a way that brings me and others joy every day. Yes smiling and being nice to people is good. But smiling while meeting someone's need is priceless. That's why I have stopped denying money's place in my life. I've also stopped limiting myself on how much money I should have. I want loads and loads of money. I don't mind Warren Buffet's level of riches. 

The constant negative focus on money can cause hopelessness and make one feel stuck. This kind of  mentality becomes a convenient excuse to not take necessary actions to change one’s circumstances. Thus, this often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy when you are down and out. 

If you are still hating on money or people who have it, you need to work on those issues. Money is a necessary tool. It can serve you and your values well.

Money is not the meaning of life, but it makes living easy. What I hope this post would do is motivate you to get your finances in order and start saving and investing. Let me share how easier life becomes when you have money.

1. While an an upper-class family can afford to enjoy many experiences that money can buy, if you are barely making it, you sadly live for the weekends. And most weekends you’re so exhausted that you have limited energy. So you spend your time in the house, watching tv. It's depressing to be slaving away for just enough money to pay bills and eat (scarcely, might I add). 

2. If your kids are sick, they can get a better healthcare. If you are sick, you can take better care of yourself. Your don’t skip annual check-ups because you don't have money. When you have reduce those boobs if they are too heavy. Or have surgery when you really need it. Or see the best specialist for your medical needs. Having money when you need it is definitely great.

3. Being poor or in the middle doesn't give you freedom at all. When you are poor, you are too focused on getting your next meal or providing for your family. According to a study by the University of British Columbia University of British Columbia , financial stress challenges the cognitive system — budgeting with a limited amount of money, for example, makes you so focused on the problem at hand that you end up overlooking other useful information or forgetting to do things in the future that could help you with your money problems.

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4. When you are in the middle, you're always trying to get to the next level while avoiding dropping to the one below Knowing that you’re one paycheck away from financial disaster is extremely stressful, and this stress can be hard to live with. The middle class is no longer a safe haven or the desirable destination it once was. Being middle-class means working your ass off just to maintain that BS lifestyle.  In addition, the middle class workers do the most work and gets screwed by government the worst. Taxes are high and there are no discounts. Middle class provides the largest contribution ratio to provide for welfare programmes in the country.

5. Regardless of your purpose or mission in life, you need money, and the more philanthropic your mission, the more money you will need. Actress Moshidi Motshega once shared a story of how at the age of 14 she had the opportunity to go overseas. But her mom didn't have money. But a man that she has never met in life, paid for her full trip. And that set the ball rolling in the right direction for her. When you have money, you can be like this man or Oprah and use your money on things that you are really passionate about, e.g. schools for young girls. Money gives you more potential positive impact on the world.

6. You don’t have to worry about losing a job. If you want to start a business, you don't have to wait on government, you can just fund your own business yourself. And if you fail, you are not stuck. You can still power through because money is not a problem. When you have money you can also afford to make mistakes, costly mistakes. It's not fun to lose money but when you have it in abundance, it's not a train smash. This is why wealthy people have made more mistake in their life-time than the average person. When they lose money in one venture, they can start again without worrying about their next meal.

7. Money gives you options. There is also a lot of stress not knowing where your next meal is coming from or having to argue with your partner over money or having to live in shared accommodation with other tenants. Money can buy you the house you want in the city or town you like. You can eat according to your dietary needs. You can get to spend more time with your partner doing the things you both love. Money gives you options, it also gives you convenience.
8. Wealthy people  have a plethora of experts and advisor around to help them get the results they want to achieve. Remember when Thandaza on Muvhango could get her son Vusi to Harvard University? That's a silly example but you get it. Money can give you a better chance of getting the things you need and want when you are wealthy. You also have the ability to leverage money in a way that frees up your time to the things that matter the most. The biggest advantage of being wealthy is being able to work on whatever you’re most passionate about.

9. If you are about to retire, having a sizable amount of mount will definitely make your golden years much more easier and more comfortable for you. If you have to reduce your lifestyle and if you can’t afford proper medications, your quality of life just isn’t the same.

I am not rich but I know that I wouldn't have all the nice material things that I have if it wasn't for money. My house, car, books, laptop, etc, are all bought with money. And I appreciate the convenience that all these material things bring me.  I wouldn't be able to write this post without my laptop. So grateful.

Therefore we can all concluded that a great amount of wealth is a tool for a high level of both physical and mental betterment.  For this reason, it is important to know the value of money and how to use this credible and powerful financial weapon to your advantage.

Money can't buy happiness but it does make life easier. How has money made your life easier?


  1. This is a very nice article. Money is important to keep life going. Thanks for sharing.