Congratulations to Trudi Makhaya, Ramaphosa's new economic adviser

Congratulations to Trudi Makhaya, who was appointed by president Cyril Ramaphosa as the youngest economic adviser in the history of the highest office in the land. Moghel holds an MBA and an MSc in development economics from Oxford University, where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. She further holds an MCom in economics, Honours degree in economics and a BCom in law and economics. In 2015, she founded an advisory firm focused on competition policy and entrepreneurship. 

What an impressive woman! Halala Mbokodo. She didn't die, she multiplied. It's about time for our country to be placed in the capable hands of the women.

While we talking about women in the financial industry, according to Fin24, the Road Accident Fund acting CEO Lindelwa Jabavu does not have matric, let alone the banking management qualifications she claims to have on her curriculum vitae. Not even sure what to say. 

I'm sure by now you've heard that Makhosi Khoza has quit politics. I appreciate her for that. At least she knows when to call it quit. She tried and clearly realised that politics are not what she's cut out for.  So many people need to quit politics. They have now become a burden to our society. Bloody parasites!

Before I get carried away, here is a roundup of business news.

Germany's biggest lender Deutsche Bank on Friday admitted to a massive erroneous transfer of €28bn (about R420bn) in a routine operation, more than the entire bank is worth. Although the blunder didn't cause any damage as it was detected early enough, it raised fresh questions about the lender's risk management.Source: DW

Pick n Pay says it has granted R1bn for its credit cards facility which was launched last year, in a scheme that allows customers to purchase food on credit. According to Pick n Pay, customers using their store card have taken up a small fraction of their total credit facility, well below R200m.
Source: Fin24

Many commuters must once again look for alternative transport as the nationwide bus strike looks set to intensify as it enters its sixth day on Monday. Source: News24