Breast Cancer: How to manage your finances

I know we have many women who have survived and are enjoying ordinary lives again after breast cancer. But let's not lie to ourselves about the brutal process that one has to go through to be free. 

Breast Cancer will take you through the emotional landmines, the chemo and radiation treatment, the multitude of needs to be catered for and stresses and the financial anxieties. Many women experience ‘financial toxicity’ during and after treatment. Nobody is ever prepared for a diagnosis but it is even more shocking to see how expensive the diagnoses/process is — even if you have insurance. Breast Cancer can affect your finances. That is why it makes sense to eliminate any financials burdens by putting a well-rounded financial and healthcare plan in place. Planning, managing and understanding your finances will help you. 

Here is a check list to make sure you are covered financially: 

- I know when times are tough people neglect this but for the love of your God given life have a medical aid. Your medical aid may cover some, or all, of your treatment costs but depending on your benefit plan. Make sure your financial plan include critical illness insurance and disability income benefit.

- If you already have a medical aid, don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re fully protected.  Get your financial advisor to confirm that you’ve got comprehensive cover from first diagnosis to Stage 4.

- Recovering from cancer can be a full time job, and worrying about whether your business can manage without you in the meantime is a stress you don’t need.  Key-man Insurance is worth discussing, because it puts a plan in place to keep the business going until you’re able to steer the ship again.

- An important part of any financial plan is making sure your family will be taken care of when you’re no longer here.  Life cover ensures they will receive a lump sum, or regular monthly payments, to meet their ongoing expenses and there as often additional features, such as terminal illness cover which can be claimed in advance to help meet expenses.

I am ALL IN with any initiative by any organisation designed to shine a light on breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. That is why I am grateful for corporate companies that believe that as women we shouldn't face breast cancer alone.  This commitment to helping women is the reason why I unashamedly buy Avon Justine products. They've been at the forefront of breast cancer for 12 years with their iThemba Walkathon breast cancer awareness event. And they are doing it again this year. 

Here are the details
Date and Venu: Sunday, 21 October 2018
Venue: Marks Park in Johannesburg
Ticket Price: R145 per adult and R100 per child
Social media: Facebook and Twitter

The Good News

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) will this year have a mobile unit at the 13th annual iThemba Walkathon due to take place at Marks Park on Sunday, 21 October.

 The mobile unit will be operated by qualified nurses and will be able to take participants through a full assessment as well as refer them to the relevant doctors or hospitals where a participant shows any of the symptoms of breast cancer.

The assessment will highlight risk factors as well as ways to help minimise them. “Having the CANSA mobile unit onsite this year will add new value to the overall iThemba Walkathon experience in line with Avon’s breast cancer promise to ensure that no South African woman is kept in the dark about the disease,” says Katlego Modipane, Communications Affairs Officer at Avon Justine.

In addition to the mobile unit, CANSA will also have a shavathon on the day where participants can either shave their hair or colour it in support of the organisation.

This is a fun activity which can also be very emotional as a lot of the iThemba Walkathon participants have been affected by breast cancer personally or know someone close to them who has.

Let's meetup, have fun and support the fight against a disease that impacts us all by attending the event. This is a great opportunity to help yourselves ladies!

I know we all hope for the day when breast cancer will be eradicated and no more lives will be lost to it, but in the meantime we have to do what is necessary to stay alive. So double check your boobs monthly and make sure you get that mammogram. It will save your life. A friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 was saved by early detection. Mammograms are an important survival tool for women today. 

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