Tips for saving money for concerts and events

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what this means – an entirely new season of concert and events line ups! It’s both a blessing and a curse. The good news is we finally get a chance to attend our favourite events. The bad news is we have to pay for all those concert or event tickets from our own pockets.

Besides BeyoncĂ©'s concert in December, there are other concerts taking place later in the year. We have the DStv in Good Company Experience, DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival,  Avon Justine iThembawalkathon 2018, Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, Power To You, Mum Festival, etc. And considering that next month is August, there will be many conferences geared towards women that you might like to attend. đź‘‘

Unfortunately, a one day or three day event can quickly drain your bank account and leave you broke for the rest of the summer (and beyond). Of course, the most financially savvy method would be to not attend a concert at all. But if you’re a huge fan of that particular artist or event, the temptation to attend the event can certainly be a difficult one to resist indeed!

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If you expect to attend a few of this events and want to make sure that you don't go broke while you’re at it, you are going to have to plan. Here are a few tips that you can try if you'd like to keep costs to a minimum.

1. The first thing you need to do is to prioritise your events. I have already planned to attend the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz. But now Queen B is coming. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. She might not come again to the country. I might not also have the means to see her perform live in another country. Therefore, I'm going to have to priorities and choose what's best for my budget.

2. Plan ahead. Before you even purchase the tickets, think about how much the other elements of the event will cost you. I'm talking about food, drinks, travel, accommodation, etc. If you can’t afford all of this things, then don't buy the tickets. Rather plan to attend for next instead and start saving now. Planning ahead several months in advance makes it easier to take time off from work too.

3. Opportunities like seeing BeyoncĂ© and Erykah perform live are more fun when you go with family or friends, but this also reduces the cost substantially. For starters, if you’re driving together, you’re cutting up the cost of travel. A similar phenomenon happens when it comes to accommodation. A single person in a hotel room can be expensive, but if you put two or even four people in that hotel room, it gets cheaper very quickly. So orgnise your girlfriends and make sure you hold each other accountable.

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4. Generally speaking most people struggle to save up money. But since you have a goal this should not be hard at all.You just need a bit of discipline and self-restraint. There are many ways you can do it. For example, two of my friends and I have been saving a little bit throughout 2018. For savings goals like these, we tend to find the most success when we automate them. The best part is that when the time comes to attend event, we already have the cash in hand to pay for everything – the hotel, the food and books or merchandise without breaking our bank accounts.

5. Set aside spending money for the concert. Decide on the fixed amount of money you want to spend and stick to it. It's so easy to spend a lot of money at concerts without realizing it, but then you’ll suffer the consequences later when you look at your bank account or receive that sms from your bank. If you don't know how to stop spending on your credit card, don't go to an event with a credit card. Only take cash, the cash that you've already planned for. After all how can you effectively keep track of your money via card? Be wise.

6. Check updates by subscribing and following blogs, websites and social media that officially handles’ the concert in your country or the events. If you are on social m

7. Another key aspect to make sure you get your money’s worth for any show is to buy early — before all the good tickets sell out. Know the day tickets go on sales and prepare to buy them the moment they are available. Shows like BeyoncĂ©'s can sell out as quickly as 15 minutes.

Music concerts and events can quickly drain your finances if you’re not careful, so taking little steps like these can easily save you quite a bit of money without taking away one little moment of fun.

Are the any concert savings tips I missed? What shows are you attending this year?