Why does money have such a hold on some human beings?

Why does money have such a hold on some human beings? Claire Wasserman, CEO, and Founder of Ladies Get Paid, said it best when she said, “Money is power. It’s freedom, it’s value, it’s an opportunity, it’s worth.” 

Hallelujah! Church is out. Gal, go get your money!

Money, according to the adage, makes the world go round. Some women have lived and died never having had much of it. Some women have given their lives in the legal or illegal pursuit of it, while others have lived and died with more than they could ever have spent in their lifetime and have still felt they never had enough.

What's your story?

The reason that money has so much power over people is that it gives them power - to do what they want to do, whatever that may be.

Money has value because it can be exchanged for something else.

The desire to get more power and control in life (in the form of money) is the driving force behind all our hustles and work, we want to get more of this thing that tends to put its owner at an advantage.

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Money reveals our character.

When someone has money problems, their true colors come out. Running out of money is, above all, a test of self-confidence and character. People who believe in themselves and their abilities won’t be terribly upset by money problems. That doesn’t mean they won’t worry about it, just that they won’t lose their heads.

On the other hand, some people directly associate their feelings of worth and competence with their material possessions. If they lose their possessions, they don’t know what to do and start to fumble around blindly. They reveal themselves to be unsure, afraid, and timid.

I'd like to think that I am well in control of my finances (most of the time at least) but we all get a little bit down in the dumps when we face money problems every once in a while. But allowing money to dictate the way you feel about yourself and your life can have devastating consequences.

The big question you and I have to ask ourselves is: What does money reveal about our character? Does it show us up, to be honest, ethical people, or does it show us up to be like the many who have sold their souls for many handfuls of cash?

Nobody is going to deny the fact that money is an important part of our lives, but it shouldn't be everything in your life to the point that it gets in the way of your happiness and relationships with people.